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[ga] pull the plug/ I don't think so!

Very nice analysis TR.  Danny that was a little bit of your personal
frustration showing.

Is the system broke or are the people who run it morally bankrupt?

What ever system we develop will be at the hands of those we elect to
handle it.

The Catholic church stands on the highest principles but those who run
it often fall afoul of good conduct.

We must meet the criteria of engineers yet we deal in human complexity
and failure.

Let us take a deep breath and when people like Esther, Phillip and
Marylin admit to some fault of their own system, let us take pause and
bring them within ranks and develop, not condemn.

Failure from the top and frustration from the bottom are reaching a
mutual reality that can help all of us.
In our sameness we find a ground that will help us build a foundation.
We can all find satisfaction in trying and in sharing our mutual desires
for a common consensus of a better Internet.

We are so young let us grow together, we have forever to perfect what we


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