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Re: [ga] Evolution - GA

At 11.04.2002 15:19, Philip Sheppard wrote:
>The GA mail list became a public chat list of a public who were either, 
>A. stakeholders that were or could be represented by the constituencies
>or B. others who felt they were not represented by the constituencies (notably individual name holders who were not businesses or non-commercial organisations).
>If the groups in B are relevant and significant stakeholders, get them to form a constituency and participate in the NC. 
>Problem - self-organisation and representation have proved challenges for individual domain name holders. So, use the at-large structure to provide this organisation and to elect its NC reps.

There are certain shared characteristics between
GA and At Large and individual gTLD registrants, but 
also differences. 

In the layers at http://www.icannchannel.de/skeleton03.pdf,
there is a difference between policy development,
policy input and policy oversight.

gTLD registries/registrars and gTLD registrants
belong to the *core* gTLD community who have a natural 
right to a central role in gTLD policy development.
(The same obviously applies to ccTLD registries/registrars
and ccTLD registrants in the ccTLD community.)
The main role for the ICANN At Large is providing policy 
input to the process and taking part in the policy oversight. 

So, in response to Philip's proposal:
-- Yes, I agree that individual gTLD registrants must have 
   a recognized place in gTLD policy development (and I
   share Philip's view that the GA has suffered from
   being forced to become a mixture between the originally
   envisaged focus point for everyone and a pseudo-
   constituency trying to protect individual registrants'
   interests), but
-- no, I think the Internet community at large is not well 
   suited to be that component, since it consists not only 
   of domain holders, let alone gTLD registrants. (In addition, 
   it will be organized on a regional basis, if you follow the 
   ALSC recommendations.)

Nevertheless, I prefer proposals (even when I disagree)
to complete silence. 

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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