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[ga] RE: Open Letter to Mr Jeff Neuman from The Internet Challenge


The following note was statement was placed on the NeuLevel website this

Statement from Jeffrey J. Neuman
Director, Policy and Intellectual Property
April 08, 2002

Last week, NeuLevel, Inc., initiated an inquiry relating to matters
concerning recently registered .BIZ names that were a part of the
Round-Robin Process for the "Group 2B" domain names. NeuLevel is working
with the Registrars and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) to make a complete analysis of its findings and provide
recommendations on further action.

NeuLevel remains committed to preserving the integrity of the .BIZ domain
name space, the world's first and only Internet domain established to meet
the unique needs of businesses. NeuLevel appreciates your cooperation and
patience in this matter.

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Subject: Re: Open Letter to Mr Jeff Neuman from The Internet Challenge

Dear Jeff and Vint -


Following in the tracks of RegisterNamesHere.com, who are already selling
2089 .biz 2B names at their website, we can now introduce:

Patrice Panon from Paris (Sam Production) who, through BookMyName.com,
registered 1962 .biz 2B names last week. I haven't a clue if they intend to
develop each and every one of these sites but they've got a staggering range
of domain names.

I have an Australian friend who will freak when he hears that Patrice took

But seriously, isn't it time we had a public statement and some action from

Maybe you're not too concerned that among Patrice's 1962 names there were:
www.sexgrannys.biz; www.toilets.biz; www.wwwpussy.biz; www.pornpictures.biz;
www.nympho.biz; ....

But surely, Jeff, you must be just a bit pissed off that Patrice also got:
www.neulevelafrica.biz; and www.neulevelpr.biz ....

Not that he'll be the only one who is fed up! I should think Govinda Leopold
will be a bit narky that Patrice also got: www.mauiwedding.biz .... it was
bad enough for her to lose hawaii.info and maui.info

Or then again, www.wrecking.biz and www.pestcontrol.biz - which just about
sums up what's needed.

So please Jeff, could you tell us what you're going to do about all these
issues? There's 2089 .biz names up for sale within three days of the 2B
release. Here's another 1962 names which look like they might be going the
same way. Even Neulevel's own name is being taken in vain!

It doesn't end here. Because I've had a friend popping in and out of your
back door, I know there are plenty more where these came from. We can now
estimate that between 20% and 25% of all the .biz 2B names were registered
with the intention of violating the rules.

The integrity of Neulevel is in the spotlight.

You have the contractual right reserved for you to CANCEL registrations
which violate the .biz rules.

But are you willing to take that action, and return thousands of names to
the genuine consumers who have a right to use them and develop them?

Kind regards

Richard Henderson

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