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[ga] Consensus on consensus?

Karl Auerbach in his "Prescription-to-Promote" has argued that:  "The concept 
of "consensus" must be discarded", with all decisions to be based on counted 
voting using clearly defined procedures such as Robert's Rules.   Stuart Lynn 
has likewise argued that a private sector body, based on consensus and 
consent, has been shown to be impractical.  

This begs the question... is it time to replace the consensus process?  If 
so, how do we avoid establishing a structural model that relegates certain 
groups automatically to minority status?   ICANN seems to be enamoured with 
voting blocks... Can we move to a one-man/one-vote mechanism, and will such a 
move be accompanied with full membership rights for all participants?  

ICANN doesn't have the greatest track record with respect to honoring 
consensus... can we expect it to honor an actual vote of the complete 
membership?  More questions than answers at this point...

for Karl's treatise, see:  

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