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Re: [ga] Re: Request for a Working Group

At 18:18 26/03/02 -0500, Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law wrote:
>That's easy: they choose carefully where to register.  Either they trust
>the registrar and its reputation, or they register close to home, where
>it's easier to get the legal process in action....or they use a register
>in a jurisdiction with good consumer law.

Sorry, Michael I see this "market-mechanism" as not-working for the moment.

1. people don't want to transfer registrations already registered (too much 
hassle, too much risk that something may go wrong)
2. many jurisdictions have worse consumer laws than the US or have local 
registrar monpolies.
3. Registrar reputations are still in the process of being made. People 
have no way  to distinguish the cows from the cowboys.:)

>The contract mechanism is only a good means of protecting consumers if
>they get to bargain for it.  They don't, so it isn't.

That is true. And that is why people sign up for Icann at Large  hoping to 
get in that position.


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