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[ga] VERISIGN predatory Domain Expiration Notices

I belive most of our customers who registered domains under Tucows
Registrar  are receiving  "Domain Expiration Notice" from Verisign.

Domain Expiration Notice is dominant on this piece of mail.  Verisign
Logo is muted and inconspicuous, the whole notice is designed to mislead
unsuspecting consumer to thinking they are renewing their domain (the
back of the Domain Expiration notice carries disclaimer to the fact that
consumer is signing off on domain Transfer along with domain
registration).  Verisign Logo can be associated with trust in Verisign
central Registry.

Many of your customers may  get slammed into paying this invoice
thinking they are renewing their domain, unaware they are transferring
it to Verisign.

We have posted Verisign SCAM Warning on our home page
http://www.eyeondomain.com and are preparing to email our customer base
about this.  Our home page presents scanned copy of Domain Expiration
Notice (one of thousands received on domains originally registered and
currently maintained in Tucows Registrar)

GoDaddy already warned their Customer base in their recent anouncement:

Additional Copies of these documents can be viewed at

I would like to call attention to the 7/16/2001 letter from Roger
Cochetti, VP Policy, Verisign Inc to ICANN
where among other things Mr. Cochetti occuses his competitors of:
This failure to obtain express authorization may have resulted from what
is known in the telecommunications industry as "slamming"-transferring
customers to their registrar without any notification whatsoever.

Genie Livingstone

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From: "Ken Anderson" <ka@pacific.net>
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Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 6:32 PM
Subject: verisign - rip off

> Got a letter in the mail today from Verisign...
> "Amount due: $29.00
> Pay before April 15 to avoid losing your domain name.
> Pay your registration fees now."
> Small print on the back of the bill notes that this will transfer my
> domain to network solutions, and add a year to the registration..
> Needless to say, I scribbled some not-so-nice things on the bill, and
> stuffed it back in the postage paid envelope, which I will send back
> the jerks.
> Unbelievable. We have customers call all the time about similar
> Isn't this mail fraud????
> Ken

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