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[ga] Re: [ALSC-Forum] what IF

On 21:49 22/03/02, Esther Dyson said:
>The Internet would continue to operate, but there could be no changes in 

Good: there is no policy in the technical functions the ICANN manages.

>As for what would happen politically/economically, that is an entirely 
>different question.  What would happen to, say, VeriSign's contracts?

I understand that the main concern of VRSN when dealing with ICANN is not 
to conflict with their cooperative agreement with the USG. Would it not 
simplifiy the issue?

>They would probably revert to the US Department of Commerce. Likewise all 
>the other legal infrastructure...Technical infrastructure is in good shape.

Legal infrastructure means Louis Touton and Joe Sims and their aftermath?
Who would have a problem? A lot of money saving?
Or am I wrong?

I just try to undestand the odds at stake.

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