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At 9:39 PM -0500 3/22/02, Joanna Lane wrote:
>FYI, long after I had transferred a domain to another Registrar, I received
>an invoice from VeriSign through the mail stating that if I did not remit my
>payment for $58 immediately I would lose the domain.

Lok at the scan of the letter at the given URL.

It is a clear attempt to fool people into transfering their name to
Verisign's Registrar.

It even has a box labeled "Renewal and Transfer Authorisation".

Now, <sarcasm>I wonder if ICANN will slap Verisign with a wet bus

Andrew P. Gardner
barcelona.com stolen, stmoritz.com stays. What's uniform about the UDRP?
We could ask ICANN to send WIPO a clue, but do they have any to spare?
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