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RE: [ga] MP3 technical failure - Another "Load"

I understand "both".    .....and  I know that in order to move ahead, that
Thomas and Alex and you, and others in the GA will need to be engaged.

I agree that ICANN has significant problems/challenges.  It's not easy to be
heard or to be effective... however, I attended an ITU Plenipot; several
OECD meetings, WIPO meetings....,many meetings of Parliaments and of US
Congress...... After that, I can't envision a governmental approach to the
management of these issues which moves quickly, provides broad consensus
development and is above nationalist perspectives. avoids government
encroachment into technical issues of the Internet.  

I know that many think their voice isn't heard at ICANN - some would be
amazed that the business community complains about the same issue....
but...here's our common challenge: 

--in multi lateral organizations, only governments have a voice.  You may
not think ICANN is much better, but I hope you will give it a further
chance. You can always devolve to governmental oversight. 
 And you can work now to make it better.


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"Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" wrote:
>You can be suspicious, or
> you can, like the rest of us, realize that technology fails from time to
> time.  Or, you can be both... :-)


I know that technology does fail from time to time.  But,
I think that when it comes to ICANN and its policies (and
policy makers) I think the culture of suspicion is quite
warranted.  So, I will choose both of the above.



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