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[ga] Cerf-Farber Dialogue

At a session at the University of Pennsylvania today, Vint Cerf and Prof. 
Farber exchanged thoughts on the origins of the Internet and speculated as to 
its future.  The first question from the audience referenced the recent 
position paper put forth by PFIR http://www.pfir.org/statements/icann  which 
deemed ICANN to be "a failed experiment in Internet policy development, 
implementation, and management."  

In reply to the question, Prof. Farber commented that the best plan for ICANN 
would be to "put it into receivership", to which Mr. Cerf replied "I think 
that would be a mistake."   That was the full extent of the discussion on 
this issue.  It appears that both speakers had agreed not to dwell on this 

In private conversations following the session, I found both Vint and Dave 
Farber to be genuinely open to ongoing discussions.  Neither appeared to have 
adopted an implacable stance.  

In my humble opinion, there still remain opportunities for us to present 
options to the Board which will allow for both enhanced participation and 
representation.  I came away from this session with the belief that the Board 
is not yet "wedded" to the Lynn plan, and is truly amenable to considering 
other formulations (as long as they comprehensively address all the problems 
enumerated by Mr. Lynn).

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