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[ga] Court Shuts Down '.Usa' Internet Address Scam



A U.S. court shut down a Web site that capitalized on post-September 11 
patriotic fervor to sell fake Internet domain names with suffixes such as 
".usa" and ".brit," the Federal Trade Commission said on Monday. 

A variety of defendants based in the U.S. and the United Kingdom launched an 
aggressive junk e-mail campaign that urged Internet users to sign up for the 
star-spangled addresses after the hijacking attacks of Sept. 11, the FTC 

The messages linked to a Web site, (http://www.dotusa.com), that urged users 
to reserve addresses such as www.surfin.usa that did not work, the FTC said. 

"These spam scammers conned consumers in two ways. They sent deceptive spam, 
and they sold worthless Web addresses from their Web sites," said J. Howard 
Beales, head of the FTC's consumer-protection division, in a statement. 
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