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[ga] Accra webcast and At Large statement

Dear list,

the ICANN meeting seems to be webcast via
-- I don't have any details yet, sorry!

Most have probably seen it at the Blog
(since the ICANN Blogger is here in person):

>Draft Consensus Statement in Support of the At Large Membership
>1. The basis of legitimacy in ICANN is and should continue to be achieved 
>by the representation of users, technical experts, service providers, and 
>other stakeholders on the board.
>2. User representation on the Board is and should continue to be achieved 
>by the election of directors by the At Large Membership.
>3. We are committed to the creation of an At Large Membership Organization 
>to facilitate public participation in the activities and operations of ICANN.

I am actually quite confident that the Board
will give the At Large a chance, since there
seems to be support e.g. from the ALSC, the
Business Constituency, the European Commission
and many others. Whereas the reform proposal in
the "President's report" seems to be met with
not too much enthusiasm, to put it mildly.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

PS: I've changed the chart at
http://www.icannchannel.de/lynn-proposal.pdf very 
slightly: Five of the seats are nominations by 
/governments/, not directly by /the GAC/. 

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