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Re: [ga] Is this all just a cunning plan?

At 23:54 27/02/02 +1300, DPF wrote:
>I may be overly cynical and may have spent too many years in politics
>but few other people have suggested this so I might as well.
>My impression of the Lynn plan is that it may in fact be merely a red
>herring.  It is one of the oldest political tricks in the world to
>propose something so extreme and controversial that when you finally
>withdraw it the masses are so happy they didn't get Proposal A they
>don't complain so much about Proposal B.

I have thought along the same lines.
As an added effect I see an increased and angry interest to sign up as at 
Large members, which , if the Board goes along with it, will give ICANN a 
bit of the legitimacy it needs to survive.

>Am I the only one this suspicious?



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