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Re: [ga] Few preliminary comments on Lynn proposal

Hello Jefsey,

At 27.02.2002 01:49, Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>Thank you Elisabeth,
>The last photo of Andy speaks a lot: it shows that Transparency will boil down to two public Board meetings a year at the semi-annual public meetings. So they save on meeting costs ... and on transparency.

this is really a difficult one. I think that reducing
the travelling meetings to two would be fine, if and
only if transparency is enhanced considerably. 

I'm sure that e.g. the Accra meeting is of great value 
for the African Internet community -- ccTLD, AfriDNS, 
AFRINIC and other efforts. On the other hand, you don't 
have to wait for ICANN to come to your region, and I 
would be surprised if less than 3/4 of the participants
were "usual suspects". You don't need three or four
meetings per year for this.

I agree with Bret Fausett that having an Ombudsperson 
and a Manager of Public Participation sounds like a
good idea. 
It's really not that easy to gather meaningful public
participation, and having a dedicated and responsible
person for this would definitely be an improvement.
But it is equally necessary to ensure public 
participation not only personally (by making it 
someones' job), but also structurally (by making it
part of the ICANN process and structure).

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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