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Re: [ga] LION-MAIL Inclusive Namespace to USG Bridge Online

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 07:52:18PM +1100, Patrick Corliss wrote:

> Is Alexander Svensson no longer the List Monitor ?

Of course, Alexander continues to be the list monitor.

Anyway, Alexander being the list monitor certainly does not prevent
me from asking the GA to focus on its business.

This business includes:

- The restructuring proposal just posted to ICANN's web site which
  replaces at-large directors as we know them by government and
  board appointees, and seems (at first, superficial reading) to put
  the current SOs partially under board control.

- Deleted domain handling with all its facets.

- Registrar transfers.

- (possibly) whois.  When you look at the web archives of that task
  force's mailing list, you'll notice a draft report on the bulk
  access part of the survey, which - I hope - will be discussed in

- The things I'm forgetting to mention right now.

Given this list of topics, it's ridiculous and a waste of time and
bandwidth to start a thread about a mail bridge between the
so-called "inclusive namespace" and the Internet. In fact, pursuing
such distractions does precisely one thing: Produce ample evidence
for the reasoning behind Stuart Lynn's restructuring proposal.

By the way, some of his rationale is very much worth thinking about.
The problem lies in the conclusions.

(This is my last posting in this thread.  Depending on the level of
irrelevance of further postings, I may ask Alexander to send out
some warnings; this may, in particular, concern further commercial
announcements from the home-brewn root community.  This GA really
cannot afford that kind of nonsense any more.)

Thomas Roessler				<roessler@does-not-exist.org>
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