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[ga] Domain plus?

I post this comment to the GA list because the ALSC may not currently be 

The latest recommendation from the ALSC (posted at: 
http://www.atlargestudy.org/decision.shtml ) stipulates that a voting 
At-Large member must either own a domain name and pay a membership fee, or be 
subscribed to an ICANN mailing list and remit a membership fee by credit card 
payment, or attend an ICANN meeting in person, or belong to and remit payment 
through specified organizations (identities still unknown) that contribute to 
ICANN's mission.

In my view, this proposal would seem to deny voting rights to most of the 
developing world.  

The White Paper states:  "The new corporation should operate as a private 
entity for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole. The development 
of sound, fair, and widely accepted policies for the management of DNS will 
depend on input from the broad and growing community of Internet users. 
Management structures should reflect the functional and geographic diversity 
of the Internet and its users. Mechanisms should be established to ensure 
international participation in decision making."

This latest proposal does very little to ensure international voter 
participation, and effectively reduces the worldwide input desired.  I cannot 
support this latest proposal in its current form.

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