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[ga] Domain name redemption: Supplemental paper / post-deletion transfers

ICANN has published a supplemental paper on the Redemption Grace 
Period Proposal, 

In short, registrar processes remain mostly unchanged, registries 
should be allowed to take a "cost-recovery service charge".  (But 
you read this on icann.blog already. ;-)

What's more interesting is the section on "Enabling Registrants to 
Choose the Renewing Registrar".  Yes, folks, you read this 
correctly: What this paper seems to be proposing is nothing less 
than post-deletion (!!) domain transfers without any involvement of 
the loosing registrar.  I sense a new work item for the transfers 
task force when it comes to the implementation of this.

Note, however, that this only makes sense when a hoarding policy is 
introduced first: Using redemption for registrar transfers can only 
work if registrant knows rather precisely at which point of time the 
delete command will be issued.

Comments?  Should we possibly propose such a policy?  If so, I 
suppose we should have something ready before Ghana.
Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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