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Re: [ga] VGRS Answers to WLS Questions

> Chuck Gomes write :Proposal have been posted at:
> http://verisign-grs.com/wls_responses.pdf
> Verisign has created a document to respond to the questions that had
> been submitted regarding the WLS. Their responses are at:
> http://verisign-grs.com/wls_responses.pdf

Verisign Registry confirms that :

b) What mechanisms will be in place to force a Registrar to delete an
expired name in a timely fashion when the WLS holder is using a different
o VGRS has no way of knowing why a registrar does not delete a domain name
registration nor does it have the responsibility to require a registrar to
do so. It could be because the registrant renewed it, because there is an
active dispute involving the name, because the name is associated with a
bankruptcy, etc. So there does not seem to be a reasonable way to implement
such a mechanism. Additionally, it is not the function of the registry to
police this. (page 19 para 20b)

c) What is the longest time after a domain has expired that a domain MUST be
deleted? (This will affect the value of the WLS subscription, if domains can
be hoarded and not deleted even 2 years after expiry, for instance)
o There is no defined time limit when a domain name registration must be
deleted. (Page 20 paragraph 20c)

Unless this issue is resolved FIRST and we have a uniform policy on time
limit for expiration of domain names, which is consistently adhered to by
Registrars, namely Verisign Registrar as they hold the largest pool of
domains with expiration dates older than 90 days - WLS is not acceptable in
any shape or form.

If there is no defined time limit when a domain name registration must be
deleted, what stops Verisign Registrar from hoarding the domain name
indefinitely if it knows that its sister company Verisign Registry stands to
profit more by hoarding the name via collecting it's $35.00 for indefinite
subscriptions to WLS?   Integrity? Honesty? Good business practices?  Naah!

Genie Livingstone

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