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[ga] Structure TF comments

David writes:  "Only around three GA members have commented on the Structure 
Taskforce drafts!!"

The most recent TF draft (v5) was posted on January 17th.  Mr. Sheppard 
proposed that this draft be comprehensively commented upon until January 31. 
After that he would draft v6 based on those comments.  Between 1-17 and 1-31 
there were absolutely no comments posted by anyone in the DNSO.  On the 31st 
the IPC added a comment.  There have been no comments since, and we still 
have not seen the publication of v6.

This is surely demonstrative of the continued failure of the Task Force 

We are looking for reform and restructuring of the DNSO.  Frankly, none of us 
care much about the BC's and IPC's opinion about the future ALM.  

Should the owners of a house that is damaged and sadly in need of repair be 
focusing their thoughts on the future home of others, or should they be 
concentrating on fixing their own problems first?  

Perhaps our representative can persuade the TF to get on with their primary 
task.  The GA has already put forth a restructuring proposal.  Isn't it high 
time that the proposal is seriously discussed within the TF?

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