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[ga] WLS: GA questions to Verisign

We have time until Friday to collect our questions on the revised 
WLS proposal, and submit these to Verisign.

I'll collect anything you rise now, and try to summarize these in a 
collective document.  The first three questions are included in the 
attachment. ;-) New drafts will be posted as necessary.

Of course, if questions can be solved on this list before Friday, we 
can still drop these from our paper.

Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/
DNSO General Assembly					February 04, 2001

	 GA Questions on The Revised Waiting Listing Service

1. Are existing SnapBack holders going to be WLS subscribers, 
automatically? (George Kirikos)

2. Will the current bulk deletion process continue to be used?
(George Kirikos)

3. Can Verisign (registry) assure the community that registrars
offering this service on a world-wide basis are not going to face
legal problems?  In an earlier message (*) sent to the registrars'
list, Jim Archer raises some questions on this, arguing that
offering WLS subscriptions may be considered commodity trading.  If
such problems exist even in some (possibly obscure) jurisdictions,
this would introduce an unfair national bias into the system.
(Thomas Roessler)

(*) <http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc01/msg01852.html>


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