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Re: [ga] GA summary 2002-03

Thomas Roessler wrote:
>I have a script which produces HTML versions of these.  I make them
>available in my web log at <http://log.does-not-exist.org/>.

HTML is OK, however I still agree with David that:
>>I wonder if the DNSO Secretariat would be willing to place the
>>summaries in an appropriate place on the DNSO website.  They could be
>>a very useful resource to new GA members etc wanting to come up to
>>speed plus for those of us wanting to look back at stuff without going
>>into the full archive.

Those are official summaries by the GA Chairperson, and should be public 
record of the DNSO, not stored in a private place, for two reasons:
- they will be easier for newcomers to find
- this will establish good practice for the future

And no, I am neither asking for a straw poll on the subject, nor proposing a 
working group.


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