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[ga] international domain news

Reposted from the Australian [dns] mailing list.
Thanks, David.

Net name registrars contest ICANN fees (CNet)
A fight has broken out between a key Net standards body and Web
address administrators in Europe.
European domain name registries including Nominet, which runs the
popular .uk address system, are refusing to pay fees to the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, saying the group has not
done enough to guarantee the stability of the servers that link


Will U.S. Release Grip on ICANN? (Wired)
Some ICANN board members believe progress towards autonomy from the
U.S. Commerce Department has been slowed, or even halted, since Sept.
"We've already had signs that things have changed since Sept. 11,"
said Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Europe's representative of the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. "It might be that after
the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. government is not behaving as if it
would give any kind of control away. It doesn't look like it at least
to me, to be honest, not all.

An Assessment of ICANN's Mandatory Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
in Resolving Disputes Over Domain Names
The UDRP constitutes a major step forward in Internet governance.
Although not without its shortcomings, analyzed within the ambit of
its objectives, the Policy has succeeded in most respects. It has
allowed trademark holders to recover domain names held by
cybersquatters in a cost and time effective manner. At the same time,
the UDRP has provided a relatively level playing field for
combatants, as many disputes involve contests between 'Davids' and
'Goliaths', but without the certainty that Goliath will prevail.
Suspect UDRP decisions are primarily anomalies, although forum
shopping remains a legitimate concern. With time and a little
fine-tuning, the UDRP will undoubtedly serve as a model for future
initiatives to regulate conduct on the Internet.

New ORG Policy: DNSO Defines Path to Verisign Divestiture (ICANN
Verisign's dominance of the domain name market will erode further at
the end of this year, when it is required to divest itself of the
.org registry.

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