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Re: [ga] Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 15:53:53 -0500

Hi Jeff,

--- Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> George Kirikos wrote:
> > Afternic, Great Domains, etc.). Transitioning to an "owned" system
> > would be a big change, though, so careful thought would be needed
> to
> > flesh out all the implications.
>   Agreed.  And we [INEGroup] advocated ownership of Domain Names
> some time ago.  ICANN rejected that concept.

Thanks for reading through it all, and commenting upon it. I wasn't
necessarily advocating the concept either. I was just taking a step
back to see logically what could happen if one took a concept (the
search for efficiency in allocation) to its extreme. In the end it
would seem to lead (at least in one path) to a real-estate type model,
where registrars are more like Real Estate brokers and trustees,
getting commissions on sales and thus enhancing the allocational
efficiency. That would obviously be a radical change from what exists
today. There's no empirical evidence that the amount of turnover in the
secondary market could keep all the registrars in business, either, in
that real-estate type model. Registrars depend on thr "on going"
registration cash flow to stay alive; moving to a system where all the
fees are mostly up front be quite a shock. It might also enhance the
Verisign monopoly, or at least magnify monopolistic concerns at many
levels, which is a bad thing.


George Kirikos

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