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Re: [ga] Stasis is not an option.

Which registrar do you work for?

There is no need for a change in the process for deleted domain names.
There is a need for Verisign to resolve the technical problems that
result during the window of opportunity for dropped domains being made
available, but it is STRICTLY a technical problem, with a  purely
technical solution.

Monday, Monday, January 07, 2002, 3:23:12 PM, Peter Girard wrote:

> The "Status Quo Proposal" suggested by George Kirikos may be intended humorously, but it must be pointed out that this is not an option. The system will change. Allowing dozens of companies to
> competitively game the registry's delete system does not constitute consumer choice and competition. It only forces the consumer to subscribe to innumerable 'attempts' to snatch a name, all but one
> (and usually all) of which must fail to provide a trace of value. Ultimately it perpetuates a system in which registrars earn an ever-smaller margin on domain names, and in which the registry can
> claim the need for system changes that will be passed on to the customer (the registrar). The random drop solution can't work for a number of reasons, one of which concerns reasonable limits on the
> random length of time in which a name is kept from the marketplace after deletion. Indeed there appears to be more than enough value in the delete pool to warrant full-time "hammering."

> The Afternic RRS proposal should be a starting point from which a better solution emerges. To say that it is anticompetitive is to ignore that registrars, its primary benefactors, would compete
> against one another to offer SSR services exactly as they now do to sell domain names. To mislabel a cooperative solution as a cartel is to ignore the fact that without a registrar-friendly
> solution, the registrar arena will grow considerably less competitive, not moreso.

> Peter Girard

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