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Re: [ga] RE: Further Thoughts on Deleted Names, with some SnapNames stats

Monday, Monday, January 07, 2002, 5:17:54 AM, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

>> Under this proposed regime, are you saying that I can continue to
>> contract with NameWinner to try to catch an expiring premium 
>> name (such
>> as Cheerleaders.com or Beijing.com or Compare.com), even if someone
>> else has the WLS slot on that name? Will NameWinner still be in
>> business?

> Yes, you could still contract with NameWinner because I would assume
> that there will be lots of names that are never wait listed on the WLS.
> But I also recognize that it is likely that the most desirable names
> would proably be taken, so it might make good sense for you to also
> participate in the WLS to more effectively compete for those names.

Nice try at skirting the point, Chuck, but you know damn well it would
put them, and the others in that field out of business.  Verisign is
getting around pissing off the biggest player by making it a part of
the deal, and avoiding what I would have assumed would have been a
rather nice lawsuit.

>   I
> cannot speak for NameWinner but I can tell you that the methods being
> used now by many organizations going after deleted names create
> unreasonable demands on our systems.

Sounds like a technical problem that should be addressed instead of
attempting to profit from Verisign's lack of technical competence in
solving this problem.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

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