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RE: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??


Please help me understand your conclusion.  It clearly does not follow
from what I said.  Even under this proposed service, the registrar is
extremely important.  It is the registrar that is the direct interface
with the customer, that provides the customer service, that markets the
service, etc.


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> On 20:48 05/01/02, Gomes, Chuck said:
> >The fact is that this service offered at the registrar level 
> can never
> >be as effective as the same service would be at the registry 
> level.  So
> >if you want the best service for the ultimate customers, it 
> must be done
> >at the registry level.  The alternative is an inferior 
> service for the
> >potential registrants.
> Glad you confirm: Registrars are of no use to registrants.
> Jefsey
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