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On 15:30 04/01/02, Roberto Gaetano said:
>Anyway, the minimum is done, but it would be nice if more enthusiasm could 
>be shown in supporting our candidates: the number of endorsements will 
>remain as public record.

As your own number of posting on the GA while the former Chair. I feel this 
is more related to the Members understanding that the ICANN does not 
interest them. If you consider carefully the posts you have five types of 

- personal relations. Mostly people exchanging to keep the show going.
- fighting against the ICANN showing mainly a frustration over IANA 
function understanding
- Registrars/gTLD management
- occasional relations with the Staff and BoD;
- NC cheating

With no vote of any importance.

I would suggest we consider the things differently. Let accept that the 
ICANN has two missions: IANA functions and Registrars market management. 
This makes four responsibilities with one SO each, DNSO for DNS issues, ASO 
for Addresses, PSO for Protocols, ALSO for Registrars' market and some 
uncertainty about the no-interest CCSO and possible interest NICSO.

Now let consider that the ICANN has a negative impact on the nets for many 
political, technical etc... reasons but that no one is going to change that 
from inside, all the more than its main target is the stability of the 
Registrars they created (could someone tell me why we need them except to 
serve as a banker for the registries?).

- all this is based upon ICP-3 creed
- all this is based upon a real/voluntary ignorance of DNS origin, history 
and logic and most of all operations : the root system does not work better 
than the host system.
- all this is based upon a wrong understanding of the nature of the domain 
name and of its relations with the Trade Marks.
- all this oriented towards poor petty money making.

Frankly, is all that very exciting?

As NZ documented it very well: we are not here to do something better but 
to know in advance what harm the ICANN intends to do to us. ....

Show me wrong.


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