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[ga] Re: Jeff Williams Spams Again

Patrick and all assembly members,

Patrick Corliss wrote:

> Hi Jeff
> I trust that we appoint Kristy, Alexander or Thomas as the new GA Chair as I
> doubt that any of them will put up with your spamming everyone in sight.

  Spamming?  How and whom?  My CC list in this instance includes GA
members and also has others that are not GA members as well.  How is
that spam?

> Most of these people subscribe to the GA list so this is quite unnecessary.

  Most yes, all no.  See my comments above...

> Can't you just post to the mailing list like everyone else?  What makes you so
> special?

  What makes you think that I think I am special, Patrick.  Again those
that were included in the posting you are referring to are not ALL
GA members.  Hence the reason in part for cc'ing them.  It is my
E-Mail client, I shall use it once a posting has come to me by whatever
means or method I choose to.  That is not Spam, Patrick...  I am
not advertising anything...  So you improper characterization
here is a form of abuse in and of itself.  Please discontinue it.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Patrick...

> Sheesh !!
> Patrick Corliss
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Jeffrey A. Williams
Spokesman for INEGroup - (Over 121k members/stakeholdes strong!)
CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
E-Mail jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com
Contact Number:  972-244-3801 or 214-244-4827
Address: 5 East Kirkwood Blvd. Grapevine Texas 75208

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