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[ga] ICANN policy result

Interesting ...		

This might be a result from the ICANN misunderstanding of its mission. 
Adressing is not a way to regulate but a way to serve. In mixing the 
service and usage layers and in using the TLDs as a way to make petty money 
rather than the netsigns of new cyber areas ICANN has strangled innovative 
uses and confused both users and webmasters.

It may be interesting to compare this negative stagnation in numbers but a 
real relative dicrease to three elements :
- the private sites webmasters (or individual registrants) are still 
- the world's large and SME businesses are represented by ... 50 members of 
the BC with an unique target: to avoid that New.net might become a member 
and endanger AT&T
- the Internet users are denied representation: the @large quality being 
reserved to US gTLD customers.
With the resulta that more than 97% of the users are barred from the 
governance by the ICANN strategy, ie to my understanding by Joe Sims', 
Louis Touton's and Mike Roberts concepts. I may be wrong about Joe and 
Louis, but I made this belief of mine clear enough in direct, private and 
public mails they did not respond for me to believe they do not think I am 

Last week's report about 14 majors sharing 60% of the internet usage 
instead of 110 two years ago only confirms that tendency.

I do not object that the ICANN pursues its mission creep in supporting 
Verisign's and its registrars' survival and as one of the acknowledged fora 
to discuss Internet governance issues, but I do think that the IANA 
functions should be transfered to a neutral international registration 
secretariat (three persons to manage the TLD registration directory, the IP 
block list and the Protocol sequence) under the UN EDIFACT or the ITU/T or 
maybe attached to the Wien office managing the ISO 3166 list. There is no 
policy involved in registring names and numbers in a database on a 1st 
come/1st serve basis and in maintaining a WHOIS database on TLD Managers, 
IP Blocks owners and Protocol organisers. I am even ready to organize that 
for $ 150.000 a year including one or two international meetings. This 
money could come from a $ 5 TLD database registration/maintenance free per 
entry (with a discount for developping countries).


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