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Transfer TASK FORCE, please review link at bottom,

Both Dan and Jeff have accepted nominations to serve on the transfer
Task Force.

They have both made it clear that they will endeavor to represent the
consensus of
the GA whatever that may be.  They are both good folks and would indeed
do as they say.

Just so you know, I believe that they would be responsible choices for
your vote.

I on the other hand believe that the situation is not so benign.  I
believe that there should be established
a group with the power to execute and extract punishment from the
registrars when they act in the
self interested manor they seem to exercise on a daily basis.

I believe we have been demonstrating reason and common sense in the
representation of the GA,
while the power elitist have been conniving and wrangling more power and
abusing the users.

The Task forces in my mind are lines drawn in the sand, I will gladly
step across said line at the
dire risk of getting my nose broke.  The company I work with has lost
over 8% of all transferred names.
The situation is so bad that a representative from our insurance company
has asked that I do a risk
analysis on the matter.  In comparison Internet credit card fraud and
charge backs are closer to 4% combined.
This is not right.

When a matter is so black and white and right and wrong, I do not
believe that our representative should ask for a consensus from this
group.  Go ahead and call me a cowboy that is my attitude. (besides I am
one part time)

Now you have a real choice and a real election.



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