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[ga] Re: [GTLD Registries List] Dotster Refuses to Refund .BIZ Application Fees

Ron and all,

  Thank you Ron.  I shall pass this along...

Ron Bennett wrote:

> I'm sending this again since a few more people
> have joined the list - and also since I suspect
> many messages were missed over the holidays.
> Dotster informed me they are *not* refunding .BIZ
> application fees even though NeuLevel is refunding
> them money back for those particular applications.
> At this point, it appears that legal action will be
> necessary against Dotster and possibly NeuLevel
> as well to recover the funds ($903.00) I paid for
> services that were never rendered.
> Anyone else in a similar situation, please email me
> and/or post here on the list. I'll being taking the next
> step within the next few weeks by filing a notice of
> intent to sue along with putting out a press release
> if Dotster and/or Neustar (NeuLevel) don't refund the
> $903.00 I paid for services I didn't receive.
> Ron Bennett
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