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RE: [ga] Letter from ICANN to New.net

I was not alluding to any specific example. I will note that those of us
that are technically proficient in these things do not attend IETF meetings
any longer. This is mainly because we have other things to waste our time on
(like running a business) and being abused is not high on the list.
Technical intolerance and bigotry has been a fundimental part of the IETF
since it's foundation. This is well known and documented. A good example is
the NANOG list, where certain subjects are considered taboo, even if the
otherwise meet the NANOG AUP.

> From: Eric Dierker [mailto:eric@hi-tek.com]
> Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 10:40 AM
> I am sorry but it would appear that you are describing what 
> Harald A. tried to
> do with the GA.  Are you suggesting that someone accomplished 
> this at the IETF
> and if so who? And why?  I observe the IETF anonymously 
> because it is such a
> scary place.  I have never observed any openness and 
> transparency there in the
> last year, but I just assumed it was a private club.  
> Certainly they do not
> allow any of "those types" in do they?
> Bigotry and intolerance is a waste of the Human Spirit, and 
> you can quote me on
> that!
> Sincerely,
> Eric
> Roeland Meyer wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > That is because those holding that position are not allowed 
> to speak there
> > or are actively attacked, with ad hominems, when they do.
> >
> > > I don't want to underestimate the importance of the different
> > > political POVs on the multiple roots, but since this 
> issue has negligible
> > > support (if any at all) in the Protocol community, and 
> specifically at the
> >
> > > IETF, ICANN should not do anything else than dismiss it.
> >
> > Let's see; Hold a meeting on a subject, beat off opposing 
> views with clubs,
> > lock the doors, then declare that there are no opposing 
> views...nice and
> > open. This is typical IETF procedure and what you report 
> here appears no
> > different. Multiple root concepts have been actively suppressed,
> > politically, almost since the very start of the IETF.
> >
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