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Re: [ga] Interesting news tidbit

Ladi wrote:

>Further reading of the article shows that many of the stolen credit
>cards were used at Network Solutions, presumably to buy up domains...I
>wonder what domains were registered and/or if whois info from those
>domains would point to 'cybersquatters' (whatever the PC term for them
>is today). Seems to be a tad more well-organized and targeted than your
>usual identity theft since random merchandise wasn't bought, but

What I wonder is why on earth a criminal that gets in possession of CC+ID 
data wastes this gold mine for buying domain names, that will be 
reappropriated anyway at chargeback.

>Can any of the card holders claim ownership of the domains registered
>under their CC if they wished to do so? What will happen to these
>domains after chargebacks from legitimate card holders?

Obviously Verisign will cancel the registration.
The only way for the thief to make money is to sell the name before the 
chargeback (actually, I bet that the domain names bought with the fraudulent 
operation have been already blocked by VeriSign in all cases in which it has 
been possible to contact the victim).


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