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[ga] Solemn public question to Peter de Blanc

we are all concerned by the IP lobby policy. Concerned but not doing muach.

The result is that the Internet is going to be blocked into absurd, 
contradictory and complex situations that a few reasonable moves by some of 
us could avoid. In particular by ccTLDs.

Dear Peter,

this mail is to you as the elected, acknowledged, respected and undisputed 
Chair of the ccTLDs organizations.

Today the new ".pe" ccTLD Manager is ... the Constitutional President of 
the Peruvian Republic and the ".pe" registry the Peruvian TM and IP 
Administration. To my knowledge this is - with Andorra - the second country 
in the world to decide that the color of the sky is green.

This is in direct violation with the spirit of the RFC 1591
In case of a dispute between domain name registrants as to the rights to a 
particular name, the registration authority shall have no role or 
responsibility other than to provide the contact information to both 
parties. The registration of a domain name does not have any Trademark 
status. It is up to the requestor to be sure he is not violating anyone 
else's Trademark.

This rises a question to you, so we know what we are to do.

Peter, is your WWccTLD Alliance purely a registry association, whatever the 
registry management, or is it a ccTLD Manager association i.e. of 
organisations with legitimacy from and duties to their National Internet 

To get a simple and clear response what are the functions you include or 
not in the ccTLD Manager mission as a trustee of the National Internet 
Community (please just cross the appropriate responses):

1.  [ ] registry of the ISO 3166 TLD
2.  [ ] registry for other national, local, etc TLDs
3.  [ ] IP addresing delivery and management
4.  [ ] DNS servers management
5.  [ ] information of the National Internet Community, Gov. and national 
6.  [ ] animation of the National Internet Community
7.  [ ] local defense of the National Internet Community
8.  [ ] organization/provision of additional services to the National 
Internet Community
9.  [ ] organization/provision of additional national services to the 
foreign users and communities
10.[ ] local defense of the Global Internet Community
11.[ ] international representation of the National Internet Community
12.[ ] common management of the Internet infrastructure as an associated 
Member of the ICANN

Peter, Elisabeth, Oscar, Peter, Jean-Yves, Nigel, etc... if you do not 
intend to protect us but only to lock yourself into the ccSO getho until 
you die of grand age and lack of users, we have to organize ourself to 
represent the Internet Users and our National Communities. Otherwise no 
dialog will be made possible with the "Golden Block" (GIP, Staff, NSI, DoC, 
NSA). Your "ccTLD" business will either be repatriated to the US or 
becoming a public service used by only a few, to the benefit of the global 
US registries. And we will reach a point where the user consensus which 
makes the Internet will fade/blow away.

Nicknaming he iCANN "AmerICANN" is not a joke. It just recalls an 
increasing unbalance and instability (the US DN and TLD are very 
technically poor as we see it through Cochetti's letter and disagreements 
over ".us"  RFP).

Unbalance means further unstability and we all hate that.

No one wants what one of us was fearing yesterday: that a European 
Representatives team starts proposing (irt ".kid" Act, Peruvian Resolucion 
Suprema, Chinese position) a European legislation to protect European 
Internet Industry interests against the AmerICANN's positions.

Time has come to think about network stability rather than about posting 
limits and "current position" describing pertual policies about unique 
authoritative roots.

Before we are commited to your "nuclear" arsenal.


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