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[ga] "as is the case in some locations outside of the United States"


"As a consequence, we believe that it is now time for the ICANN
community to address this problem..."

"Accordingly, until ICANN has developed new mandatory customer
safeguards from improper transfers, the VeriSign Registrar will
operate under a new set of interim transfer practices..."

"Under the new interim practices, the VeriSign Registrar will enter
into new Registrar-to-Registrar Transfer Agreements with other
ICANN-accredited registrars who mutually maintain..."

"The ICANN community" = VeriSign and the registrars that work with it?

"Any gaining registrar participating in these mutual agreements who do
not wish to have their proposed transfers autoACK'd by the losing
registrar must agree that it will provide, within five days
of a request from a losing registrar, a notarized statement from the
registrant involved corroborating the registrant's desire to transfer
(failure to do so voids the transfer.) If the registrant is in a
location where there are no notary public services available, as is
the case in some locations outside of the United States, ..."

Maybe those outside the US are getting fed up with this CARTEL
(sanctioned by the US Government until this very day), if only for
practical reasons?

This is a warning, not a threat at all. You do not want the European
Union to get interested in this. Really. You over there in the US, do
something about this before some member of the European Parliament
wakes up. Please?


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