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Re: [ga] Vote

Leah and All,

The first order here is for people to realize this post is not
singularly about an individuals constituency.  The TF will guide there
but it is only one of many focus points. I ask our voting members to
take the short cyber journey over to;
http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2001.GA-ReviewTF-vote.html  and review
just a little.

I come from a non-formed group and try to maintain my perspective here
as a dotcommoner.  That means the majority of the people who use the
internet and don't care or know anything about what we do in the GA.
The vast majority do not even have domain names.  I deal with them daily
and study their behavior as what I do for a living. I then analyze those
findings and extrapolate into the future what they will want and how
best to deliver it. I juxtapose that with government rules and treaties
and policy and hourly communication with technicians to see what can be
done. I then strategize how best to achieve the deliverence of what the
dotcommoner wants.  I then meet with the lawyers and silk suits and
figure out how we can work within existing parameters and what must be
changed to reach our objective.  Then if need be I go and convince
people in positions to make changes to make them so that we meet the
needs of the dotcommoner and therefor have an Internet that is
productive and creative.  I work with all facets of the internet
community and try to get them to interface in order to best serve the

It is here where I find the highest degree of difference between myself
and the other nominees.  Esparanza.  I do deal in dreams and fears.
(this is why I have studied your situation so deeply)  Dotcommoners
perceptions is what creates the commercial value within the internet.
They are not adept at the realities of RFCs, White Papers, Treaties and
UDRPs.  They read the headlines and if you scare them enough they will
not use their credit card on-line and then e-commerce is broken. They
care about privacy but have been trained to believe that they must give
it up in order to get what they want or they retreat from the net.  Many
have bought their children computers but will not let them go on-line
due to fears, real or imagined. I deal in this ethereal world all day
and everyday.  On this list and in boardrooms I am constantly scorned
for speaking of things that make most people  uncomfortable because they
cannot quantify it and categorize it.

This is why I can best represent the GA on this Task Force.  Get your
technical people and get your legal people but please do not leave out
us common people.

With all that said it is a fore gone conclusion that there is more
support for the other candidates because people will vote in there own
interest and so we will have technical representatives, representing
technical interests.  But I will keep trying because someday we will
have a place set at the table for the common user.


L Gallegos wrote:

> What is the possibility of having each of the candidates provide a
> brief statement of their position?
> Leah
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