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[ga] 6:224 AU (AUSTRALIA)

"AUDA Seeks ICANN's Help to Force .au Redelegation"
"procedural matter in the IETF"

6:224     AU   (AUSTRALIA)

Are there any IPv6 servers for .AU ?

Are these the people in charge of .AU ?

Board of auDA
The following 11 people are the elected Directors on the Board of auDA, from
the 1999 and 2000 AGMs:
Directors elected by Supply Class Members (3):
Chris Chaundy, connect.com.au - 5th December 2000
David Keegel, wattle.id.au - 7th October 1999
Michael Malone, iiNet - 5th December 2000

Directors elected by Demand Class Members (3):
Kim Davies - 7th October 1999
Patrick Corliss - 5th December 2000
David Thompson - 7th October 1999

Directors elected by Representative Association Class Members (3):
Kim Heitman, Electronic Frontiers Australia - 5th December 2000
Iain Morrison, Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee - 7th October 1999
Greg Watson, Internet Society of Australia - 5th December 2000

Directors elected by all Members together (2):
Liz Williams, Internet Industry Association - 5th December 2000
Dr Erica Roberts, Melbourne IT - 7th October 1999
In addition, on 4th September 2000, the following Directors were appointed
by the elected Directors for a one year term (ratified at the 2000 AGM) to
serve as independent Directors:

Greg Crew
Tony Staley
Six Directors retired by rotation at the 2000 AGM.

Officers of auDA
The following are the current officers of auDA:
Chair - Tony Staley and Greg Watson - chair@auda.org.au
Deputy Chair - David Thompson - deputychair@auda.org.au
Secretary - Jo Lim - jo.lim@auda.org.au

Chief Executive Officer - Chris Disspain - ceo@auda.org.au
Chief Finance Officer - Craig Hand - cfo@auda.org.au
Chief Policy Officer - Jo Lim - jo.lim@auda.org.au
In addition, the following responsibilities are currently allocated:

Webmaster - Kim Davies - webmaster@auda.org.au
Publicity Officer - Chris Disspain
Membership Officer - Chris Disspain membership@auda.org.au
auDA also has a postmaster@auda.org.au to handle change requests for mail
addresses @auda.org.au.

Jim Fleming

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