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[ga] 0:190 ORG.....confused with ORG.AU

"30 May 2001 - Delays in org.au
auDA is aware that many people have experienced significant delays in
registering a new domain name, or redelegating an existing domain name, in
the org.au 2LD.
auDA does not have responsibility for, or authority over, the org.au 2LD.
Robert Elz is the delegate for this domain. All domain name registrations
and redelgations are handled by him exclusively.
Unfortunately, at present, auDA is not in a position to improve service in
the org.au domain without the assistance of Mr Elz. We have contacted Mr Elz
several times about the delays in service, but he has not responded."

ICANN claims to promote "stability" and claims to reduce consumer confusion.
Placing .ORG under .AU confuses people.

ICANN claims to have a single unique namespace...
...are not unique...the ccTLDs seem to be creating confusion...
Why does ICANN support this ?

If .ORG is going to be reORGanized, should this confusion be fixed ?

Dot org TLD - ga-org@dnso.org list

0:190     ORG

In order to ensure stability, overlap, better service, etc.
it would seem wise to start NOW to migrate the .ORG users to
servers operating in both IPv4 and IPv8 Address Spaces. It would
also seem to be common sense to use some addresses from the
0:190 IPv8 Address space, allocated via IN-ADDR.ORG.

   0 Ashburton
   Cambridge, MA 02139

   Domain Name: IN-ADDR.ORG

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
      Keyes, Bob  (BK2)  bk2@XA.NET
      28 Essex St. #1
      Cambridge, MA 02139

   Record last updated on 09-May-2000.
   Record expires on 22-Feb-2001.
   Record created on 22-Feb-1999.
   Database last updated on 7-Jun-2001 12:51:00 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


If a company does this now, they would seem likely to become
the market leader and supporter of .ORG Registry Services
when the "toy" IPv4 Internet .ORG services are eventually phased out.
This is an example of a situation where there are not several
"proof-of-concept" systems (like .BIZ) but instead one, and
people are setting the date when it will transition to more
permanent, stable operations. It seems the sooner that happens
the better, to ensure stable operations in keeping with the
"best-of-breed" IPv8 approach.

Jim Fleming

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