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[ga] Register abuses.

I am currently handicaped with limited connectivity. 

But for those participating - pls. if you can - raise the topic of business partices of approved registers at appropriate time and forum.

So far come across..registers - 

1. Holding up and cancelling transfer request despite explicit instructions because of not responding to counter offer in time.

2. Holding up or delaying transfers of domain names coming close to expiry dates (in hopes of domain name holder panicing and renewing with existing register ?).

3. Continueing to send renewal notices for domain names already transfered to other registers (in hopes of capitalizing on confusion ?)

4. Any possible black list of domain name holders to harress. 

We have platform for trademark holders to harress and exploit domain name holders. We have platform for everyone else..

For once can we have one single platform where domain name holder can get a refuge about atleast one single issue. 

Can we have a forum (like UDRP) where domain name holders can air and get redressal for their grivences against registers ? Now that's completely ICANN domain is it not ? After all they "approved" them ? 

If not for domain name holders, perhaps ICANN can impose fines against abusing registers - an extra source of income ?


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