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Re: [ga] GA-ROOTS - Denial, Dismissal and Dogma.

At 12:33 3/06/01 +1000, Alternate Chair wrote:

>Yes, they will ban GA-ROOTS.  It's a certainty.  But neither ICANN or the
>Names Council can stop the debate on the subject of Alternate Roots.  All
>that will happen it that it will continue to dominate the discussion on the
>main GA mailing list.  Where it was before.  A very untidy resolution.
>But the debate will continue where it matters.  Out there in the DNS !!

The ancient IFWP (Internet Forum on the White Paper) list has just been 
Now the internic DP list has shut down, the most suitable neutral gathering 
place on the net on DNS and ICANN matters.
for subscription try list-request@ifwp.org
post at list@ifwp.org

Founder of the Cyberspace Association.
Former bootstrap of the IDNO (www.idno.org)
Developer of    The Polling Booth

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