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[ga] Not digital divide

When we meet with a high ranking government official, and my CTO starts
going off on technical matters effecting internet usage I nudge him and
he quickly winds down.  Government policy people are quickly tired of
technical matters.  When I meet with a technical compliance officer and
start going off on political and social ramifications of IPv4 vs IPv6
issues my CTO nudges me and I wind down quickly. (yes I used the fairly
technical issue of 4's and 6's to show it is often a gray area)

Us political policy type people and us technical logical type people
have to find a common ground.  We are fighting amoung ourselves when our
ultimate goal is the same. This allows the monopolistic manipulators to
DIVIDE and conquer.

I think we can do this by putting out some goals and agreeing on them.
Then both sides can place methods by which the goal can be reached. Then
we can synthesyze these into a common cause and show a united front on
moving forward. Policy is not science at best it is social science, and
technical people have to give way a little to common ignorant
misconceptions as driving forces on the Internet. The ICANN BoD and
Versign know this and have capitalized on it.

We are clearly dominated by the technical pursuasion in this list yet
it's mandate is really policy from a bottoms-up (and the bottom ain't
highly trained sophisticated professionals).  There has not been one
simple policy oriented document from this list.  But by it's members
there have been many sophisticated techinical papers of great

No great urgency just a small attempt to try to get us to be effective.


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