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[ga] Can you give me some arguments, why is it a bad idea?

>NO..That's a real bad Idea.....Sorry. 

About my single letter hierarchical TLD domain scheme...could you elaborate
little on your blunt criticism?

I have discussed the proposal locally with several people who have many
years (some ten years or more) of experience in building and administering
networks and researching and teaching Internet issues, and so far no one has
totally denied the idea on technical grounds. And on political grounds it
would give much freedom for everybody, that must be attractive...

Of course it would be painful to convince people to upgrade their resolvers.
But every Web server (or other server) organization would be free to
consider, whether they will want to set up new names in new arbitrary
domains made possible by my system, and if they can live with the fact that
not everybody can acces their machines as easily as others.

And everybody would be free to upgrade their resolvers or stick with the old
ones. They could still access the new domains with the manual "anssi.a.b.c."
trick I described.

These upgrade issues are the same as with current alternative root servers.
In fact, any of the current alternative roots could implement my scheme.
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