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[ga] ICANN is well aware that "multiple roots are possible and coming."

From:   http://www.lextext.com/icann/index.html

ccTLD Minutes From Melbourne. The ccTLD constituency posted its minutes from
two recent meetings yesterday, continuing its excellent practice of
providing detailed minutes that ascribe statements to specific persons. The
notes are too detailed to summarize here, but a couple of points were
especially interesting.

The minutes from the ccTLDs meetings in Melbourne show that a consensus
funding model for ICANN is still difficult to find. For example, the
representative from .uk, one of the largest ccTLDs, stated that his registry
would never sign a contract with ICANN that tied funding to numbers of
domain name registrations. As to what the ccTLDs are receiving in return for
their payments, many stated that the contract should be a fee for
services -- specifically root service.

On the subject of root service, one interesting exchange revealed that ICANN
is well aware that "multiple roots are possible and coming." Part of the
value proposition pitched to the ccTLDs for signing contracts with ICANN was
that they would help make ICANN's "a legitimate root," which the internet
community could rely on "as a domain name system starting point."

The ccTLDs also posted the minutes from their May 3rd AdCom meeting,
including the agenda for their upcoming meetings in Stockholm May 31st and
June 1st.
-- May 23, 2001 --


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