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Re: [ga] dotbiz-info SM & TM questions

Bruce James wrote on 21.05.01, 17:41:47:
>     Pending:         Registered:
> Serial Number  Serial Number
>                            2,XXX,XXX
> I hope this answers your SM & TM questions.

Thanks, Bruce, but I think the field actually is
for strings: E.g. you can also claim common
law rights in a .biz domain, in which case you
wouldn't have a serial number. Additionally,
the serial numbers are likely to vary in
different countries. Currently, my guess is
that Network Solutions got it wrong (they have
also forgotten the number '17' in the date
fields...) -- I'm told it works when you use 
the IP Claims form at Neulevel's site.

But thanks anyway!
Best regards,
/// Alexander

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> From: "Alexander Svensson" <alexander@svensson.de>
> To: <ga@dnso.org>
> Sent: May 21, 2001 15:50
> Subject: Re: [ga] dotbiz-info
> Bruce James wrote on 21.05.01, 08:36:10:
>>  http://ipc.songbird.com/dotbiz-info.html
> The Neulevel .biz Intellectual Property Claims phase
> already has begun. BTW, does anyone know about restrictions
> to .biz IP Claims with 5+ characters? I have been told
> that on Network Solutions' IP Claims page*, you get an
> error message "Intellectual Property Mark must be at least
> 5 characters long". (Not that I have any IP to claim, but I
> have been asked about this.)
> Best regards,
> /// Alexander
> *http://newdomains.networksolutions.com/gtld/biztm_legaleze.jsp

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