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[ga] Ballot

The General Assembly will soon be conducting a vote on motions presented
(with ballots sent by the Secretariat as per the requirements at
http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-voting-rules.html ).

These are the rules for voting in the General Assembly:

1. A vote begins when the Chair approves a ballot.  A ballot consists of one
or more questions, each of which has two or more mutually exclusive answers.
The ballot is sent to the registered GA voters by the Secretariat.

2. The typical amount of time given to reply to a vote is one week.

3. Each voter can cast one vote for one alternative per question.

4. The alternative selected by more than 50% of the cast votes wins.

5. In the case where the question is a new rule or rule change for the GA,
the number of votes in favour of the winning alternative must be at least
2/3 of cast votes, with a minimum number of cast votes being the lower of
20% of the registered voters or 100 votes.

6. If no alternative gets the required number of votes, the Chair may
reissue the ballot with a smaller set of alternatives (a runoff), or declare
that there is no consensus in the GA on the question.

7. The voters are those who are registered as voters when a vote is first
sent out.

As Chair, I have endeavored to work with motion authors to reach mutually
acceptable agreement on wording for the ballots.  Agreement has thus far
been reached with Roeland Meyer regarding his motion which will appear as
the following:

The General Assembly of the DNSO hereby petitions the ICANN Board to fund
the DNSO and all other ICANN Supporting Organizations with funding adequate
for the operation and administration of such Supporting Organizations (all
monies donated to be allocated and disbursed from ICANN central accounts).
The General Assembly of the DNSO further asks for formal inclusion in the
overall ICANN Budgetary process.


It is expected that other outstanding motions will soon have ballot language
formulated.  Voting is scheduled to commence on the 21st (unless our
Secretariat requires a minor schedule modification).  Results of the vote
are scheduled to be posted by the Secretariat on the 28th.

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