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Re: [ga] Motion: Funding of DNSO

I would be happy to Second this motion, when someone creates a simple motion
to pass.


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Subject: [ga] Motion: Funding of DNSO


After a few weeks of discussion, we seem to have reached some sort of
equilibrium on this issue. It is now time to gather the feelings of the GA
on this issue.

Some have stated that DNSO should generate its own funding. Others, have
stated that ICANN should provide a budget. Historically, the current SO
situation is a dusfunctional compromise between the SOs being separate orgs,
with their own funding, and SOs being ICANN corporate subdivisions with
ICANN corporate budget. What we have here is a corporate division that has
to provide its own budget.

The problem with the current situation is that, with the SOs being
subdivisions of ICANN, under common fiscal management, there is no assurance
that monies donated to the DNSO will be spent for the DNSO. We have quite
the opposite, in fact. In addition, SOs are not meant to be revenue centers.
That very position leads to corruption of the SOs. Those two points, by
themselves, reduce or eliminate any possibility of the SOs being separately
funded, from external sources.

I hereby make the motion that the GA and the NC petition the ICANN BoD for
formal inclusion in the overall ICANN budgetary process, that the ICANN BoD
actually fund all of the SOs, including the DNSO, and that this funding be
adequate for the operation of the SOs. All monies donated can then be
allocated and disbursed from ICANN central coffers.

It is my personal opinion that this may actually increase the donation rate,
as there will then be some mechanism whereby contributors may see the level
of effectiveness for their particular cause. The way it is now, contributors
to ICANN can only be assured that their donations do NOT fund any SO

The DNSO cannot be realistically expected to raise its own funding under the
present fiscal restraints.

Managing Director
Morgan Hill Software Company, Inc.
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