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[ga] (no subject)

Dear Chairman,

Here are two semi-private posts which I have been allowed to post, one
without accreditation and one with out.  But life is rough and we can
figure both of them.

these great calls to move on to substantive matters while there is no
foundation for moving forward are beautiful.  Mr. Corliss's agenda
should be preceded by the topic regarding alternative roots and capture
of the GA.

I have made two appeals with no response.  You need to start acting like
a chair rather than the great Corliss and Joop coordinator, just My HO.
You can tell me to flag it but a netizen deserves at least a denial of
his appeals.


ps I suspect ignoring this post will be your consistant response.
Hi Joop

It's getting serious now.  If I had money I would sue.

Best regards

After reading the posts explaining the theories regarding
alternate/Inclusive/other/non-legacy/ATLDs one can not help but come to
conclusion that the selling of the use of a domain space is lucrative
entities do it to make a profit.  ICANN while not a profit oriented
requires the monies made from the revenues generated from that selling.

The Board upon which Mr. Corliss sits requires that same type of
customers which each group targets are out of the same pool with no

Therefore ICANN and Mr. Corliss's board are competing for the same
That would place Mr. Corliss in direct competition with himself if he
say, help outreach and attract more people to ICANN's registrars as
his own.

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