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RE: [ga] collisions in namespace (was gTLD Constituency)

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> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 11:52 PM
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> Subject: RE: [ga] collisions in namespace (was gTLD Constituency)
> >At 09:15 PM 4/10/2001, Jeff Field wrote:
> >If half want to point to ICANN's
> >root and the other half want to point to an alternative root,
> >fine again.  I
> >see this as a marketing problem for the alternative roots, not a
> >technical
> >one for the entire Internet.
> Deciding whether to drive on the right or left side of the road is,
> therefore, merely a marketing matter, with no technical concerns.
> If half the people want to drive on the left and half want to
> drive on the
> right, that's just fine.
> Having cars crashing into each other, or having users unable to
> connect to
> the systems they seek are of no real concern...
> d/
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I live in the US; I drive on the right.  If I want to drive on the left,
I'll move to England or Australia.  And presumably, as long as no one is
drinking and everyone is driving carefully, there would be no collisions.
The conclusion therefore is yes, I can decide for myself whether I want to
drive on the right or the left, and do it safely; it just means my choice
may have me moving to another country.

Hmmmmm...ICANN root country or one of the alternative root countries?
Perhaps a little marketing push might help me decide?  Till then, I think
I'll just stay where I am.  ;-)


jeff field

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