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Re[4]: [ga] Reminder: NC telecon 10 April 2001, agenda

Hello Bruce,

Pardon me for responding to your request for info on the list, but I
wanted to add to the list just how simple, not to mention cheap, it
would be to provide this kind of coverage of the NC meetings and
indeed ANY of the teleconferences used by ICANN and its bodies.

All you need to do is go to http://www.speakfreely.org/ and download
the software.

It's free.

Get someone else to get it also, and then give that person your IP
Address to connect to (or you get their IP address to connect to), and
its connected.

I've used this with associates.  The better the net connections, the
better the connection quality.

It has a conference mode, and it would be trivial to have a number of
listeners connected, as well as a multicast setup.

The documentation is pretty simple.

If anyone would like to test it after you install it, let me know in
advance and I'll load it up and give you the address to connect the
call to.

I tested it last night by running a cable from the speaker/headphone
jack on my voice modem to the line-in port on my sound card, and
broadcasted a call to 2 users who connected to me using speakfreely.
It worked like a charm.

The same could be done to stream mpeg audio in real time, using
something like Icecast with the same setup (running an audio cable
between the voice modem and the line-in port, and having the voice
modem dialed into the conference call).  All of these are free
solutions.  Icecast streaming mp3 may even be the best solution,

It is appreciated by all that Bret makes an mp3 recording of the
meeting (and the above solution could be used to do the same) and in
fact I think it should be required that a digital recording of these
meetings be preserved for archival purposes. However, it would be nice
to provide a real time solution as well. The DNSO and indeed ICANN
itself should embrace these kinds of free solutions and remove
themselves from the more expensive and proprietary options whose costs
and difficulty have been used as convenient excuses for not providing
this kind of real time access in the past.

Best regards,
 William                            mailto:william@userfriendly.com

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