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Re: On voting and appeals - Was: Re: [ga] gTLD Constituency

You have got to be kidding me, there were more than three? Well while I had
no intention before, perhaps with the fact that there were more changes and
that as closely as I watch this public list I did not know about them, I will

Let us also make the record clear, I am not appealing the voting at this

The above fact makes me wonder why you adopted the new thread, did you
anticipate an appeal, because of these unknown changes we did not know about?

An appeal as we have been discussing regarding improvements to the UDRP,
would require an outside group, not the same group that ran the election.
And an appeal would lend ligitimacy and credibility to the process. From what
I see none of this exists in the present operation.

Again I give my best to Danny and congratulate him, and remind him publicly
that any request by him will be taken very seriously, with an effort to


Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Eric,
> >...  And with Mr.
> >Crispin refreshed after coming off his election watchdog committee post,
> >wherein he
> >only contributed to three substantive changes to rules during one voting
> >in an election while
> Which three substantive changes?
> >Mr. Crocker was busy getting his suspension overturned. (buy the way has
> >anyone
> >ever seen that happen before?).
> It sure happened before.
> Whenever an appeal to the decision of the List Monitor is accepted by the
> Chairman.
> Incidentally, that's why we have appeals. If there were no possibility to
> overturn the previous decision, why bother having appeals?
> Regards
> Roberto
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